Air-Condition Installation

Professional installation

The installation of the split air conditioners is the most important and crucial part. If it is done properly your air conditioner will give you optimum performance, but if it is not done properly
you won’t get the desired cooling effect and there may be frequent maintenance problems. That is why the installation of an air conditioner should be done by an expert air conditioning
technician and the task should not be left to a novice person who is experimenting with your AC. It requires lots of practice to become an expert split AC installation and erection technician.

From Survey to Proper Installation

Whether you are looking to install a split type cooling & heating unit for the first time or you are looking to replace your old unit, count on CMC ELECTRIC to install your air conditioner precisely! Our technicians measure your home to find the perfect unit that meets your efficiency needs and
We install air conditioners to all cities and even to most of remote areas in Cyprus. We offer high quality installation of split type air conditioners with the use of professional
equipment and fine materials at reasonable cost.


European Regulation

European regulation 2014

Τhe purchase of any air conditioning system are subject to the European Regulation 517/2014 / EC. That requlation is mandatory for Cyprus market since 01.01.15
According to that law, any buyer of an air conditioner system has to present his installation contract with the installer (or company), and also his installer authorized certificate or the authorized
installer obtain such equipment on behalf of a buyer.

Schedule of Charges

Normal Installation Charges

1. 9000btus – 130€

2. 12000btus – 130€

3. 18000btus – 140€

4. 24000btus – 150€

Prices include 19% VAT

AC- Checklist

Additional Works

By buying an air condition system on line it is recognized that for full installation it may need some
additional works which are subject to extra costs:

1. Installation with distance over 3 meters between the indoor and the outdoor unit – 20€ per meter
2. Metallic wall bracket – 40€ per pair (for the outside unit)
3. Isolator switch – 45€ each (to be installed in the outside unit)
4. Plastic Trucking to cover hoses 10×50 – 10€ per meter
5. Disconnection of any air-conditioner  9000 – 12000btus – 20€
6. Disonnection of any air-conditioner 18000 – 24000btus – 25€
7. Purification with nitrogen (Clean provision) + Vacuum – 45€
8. Heater switch 25€ (for the indoor unit)
9. In case installation need a Lifting machine, expenses to be paid from the buyer
10. In case of  areas out of municipal territories, there may be a small charge depends of the distance.
11. Any other work should be ask from the buyer will be cost on the spot